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Embedded in the charme of an old factory building, our seminar room is suitable for workshops, courses, networking, meetings and events of all sorts. It is modern and trendy, super flexible and veeery cozy.

Our rooms are equipped with ...


2 Tables

8 Chairs

Presentation case

Flat TV

Apple TV

Wall to write on

Meeting room in Space


included are supplies such as pens, flipchart paper, room preparation and post-processing, as well as cleaning,
All prices are net – plus 20% VAT.

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Multiple-day ticket
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Spacelend in Graz: Rent meeting rooms close to the center at attractive conditions

Many startups, self-employed people or freelancers do just fine in small office spaces or they are already working in coworking spaces. But occasionally they need a room for a team conference or for business meetings with investors, partners or customers. The search for one can be tedious, the comparison of prices and conditions time-consuming.

If you also want to rent a meeting room at short notice, then you will find a perfectly equipped space for your purposes at, which is totally straightforward:

You choose your room, specify during the booking process for how long you need it – and everything is included in the flat rate.

How big should a meeting room or meeting space be?

The necessary dimensions of a meeting room depend on the number of people expected to attend. It is a widespread misconception that a meeting room should be as large as possible for prestige purposes.

On the contrary, a room that is too large negatively affects the working atmosphere and sense of community. For a meeting with up to eight people, rooms with an area of around 25 sqm have proven to be ideal.

When booking, make sure that the seating arrangements are comfortable and the tables are at the right height.

What equipment should a meeting room or meeting space have?

In addition to the previously mentioned comfortable office chairs and matching desks, it is important for the room to have the technical equipment you need for a presentation, for example.

Fast Internet and a flat screen are the key words here. For a team meeting and workshops of all kinds, a flipchart and possibly a writable wall are valuable services. In any case, a well-equipped moderation case is extremely useful.

When booking the room, make sure that writing materials and pens are available or provided for everyone.

Where can I book a meeting room or meeting space in Graz?

Close to the city center, you will find the renowned coworking space called Spacelend at Neubaugasse 24. Here you can also rent meeting rooms.

With complete infrastructure as described previously, the business maintains 1,400 square meters of fixed and flexible workstations as well as several conference rooms and meeting rooms at 25 sqm each.

Spacelend is thus well acquainted with all necessities and eventualities of office life – and is prepared to deal with them. The location is easy to reach by public transport. However, you can also book parking spots for business partners or customers.

Speaking of business partners: Spacelend gives you the option of registering a virtual office. The prestigious company address can indeed make a positive impression on potential investors.


Besprechungsraum Graz

Can I rent a meeting room or meeting space by the hour?

Yes, at Spacelend this is possible without any problems. You only pay the agreed hourly rate for your meeting room in Graz, but receive the same equipment and services as for a full-day or multi-day booking.

Tip: It is better to allow a small time buffer for business meetings, for example, if important business agreements are at stake. Alternatively, talk to the Spacelend team directly when you book the room to see if you can extend the time.

How much does it cost to rent a meeting room or meeting space?

Spacelend offers you its 25 sqm meeting rooms and meeting spaces including seating, technical equipment and flipchart for a fixed full-day rate of 110 euros net.

The hourly rate is 15 euros. For an additional parking space you have to add five Euros per day. If you want to book the room for more days, please talk to Spacelend about the conditions.

This also applies if you need a shared office or individual coworking spaces at the same time.

What is included in the rent for a meeting room in Graz?

The rent for the meeting rooms at Spacelend includes the preparation and post-processing of the premises. This means: You will find your meeting room clean and ventilated, the flipchart has paper, pens and paper are ready for the participants.

The use of the kitchen is also included. If you have special requests for drinks, cookies or snacks, talk to Spacelend team beforehand. At the end of your meeting or workshop you don’t need to worry about any further matters.

Bottom line

For startups and self-employed people who want to rent a meeting room in Graz, Spacelend offers attractive rooms at straightforward and fair conditions.

The meeting rooms are located centrally in Graz, easily accessible by public transport, as well as by car. The furniture and technical equipment are suitable for both casual team meetings and serious business meetings with business partners.

The option of renting a coworking space right next door on short notice can prove to be very practical, for example, to follow up on the results of a meeting immediately.